Brief Intro To Dental Implants

This brief intro begins with the dental implant. Practicing and associated dental practitioners giving patients presentations of their dental implant in North Lauderdale tend to make reference to an endosseous implant. But do continue thinking in terms of a dental fixture or surgical component. This is a part that will be interfacing with the bone of your jaw. This will be done to support what the practitioners will be referring to as a dental prosthesis.

But you can continue thinking in terms of a bridge, crown or denture. Another clinical term being used by the practitioners is that of a facial prosthesis. This will be utilised to provide an orthodontic anchor. The practice of preparing and placing the endosseous implant is clinically referred to as osseointegration. The most common but preferred material used in this process is titanium. It is deemed to be quite effective in forming a close bond to the bone.

The dental implant fixture is initially placed so that it may osseointegrate. Thereafter a dental prosthetic will be added. After that, varying healing times are usually prescribed by the presiding dental practitioners. Once the healing time is over, the dental prosthetic can then be attached to the dental implant. This will be holding in place the prosthetic or crown (bridge). While success rates are generally good for eligible patients, underlying conditions or applications could impact on the procedural treatment.

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The use of prescribed medication for other conditions could tarnish the process of osseointegration, as well as the health of the tissues in the mouth. The presiding practitioner also needs to evaluate the potential amount of stress that could be placed on the implant and fixture during its normal functioning. The writer trusts that this brief intro has been helpful thus far.